Excerpt from the writings of
Edna Franklin

Thomas Gerard became one of the largest land owners in Maryland. on 3 Nov 1639, he was issued one of the first manorial grants to be issued in St Mary's Co. He acquired a patent for 1,030 acres he called "St Clement's Manor" (Md Land Office Patents Liber AB&H, Folio 68). This patent included St Clement's Island, the landing place of the first Maryland settlers in 1634. With this patent, he also achieved the status of "Lord of the Manor". On 24 Mar 1651, Thomas Gerard received a patent of 1,500 acres, he called "Bastford Manor" and a patent of 500 acres for I'St Winifred's Freehold" (Ibid. Folio 193-194). Thomas Gerard also acquired 3,500 acres of land called Gerard's Preserve" in Westmoreland County Virginia. He continued to acquire lands and at the time of his death his holdings contained about 16,000 acres.

Thomas Gerard, the surgeon, practiced medicine in Maryland and Virginia. He was also very active in the provincial politics of his day. He served as juryman at St Mary's in May 1638, elected a burgess to the assembly from St Mary's on 19 Feb 1639, commissioned by the Proprietor as "Conservator of the Peace" in March 1640 and elected burgess from St Clement's Hundred in Sep 1640. Thomas Gerard was appointed to the Provincial Council by a commission from Lord Baltimore, dated 17 Nov 1643. He held this position until he aligned himself with the Fendall Rebellion of 1660. With the collapse of the rebellion, Thomas Gerard was banished. He went to live in Westmoreland Co Virginia until he was pardoned by the Maryland council and was restored to citizenship in the Province but was forbidden to hold office (Md Archives Liber III, folio 406-407).

Thomas Gerard married Susannah Snowe, daughter of John Snowe and Judith ? of Brookehouse, Staffordshire, England by 20 Jun 1634 (The Lancashire Record Office). Since Susannah and their children were Protestant, he erected an Anglican Chapel for them on St Clement's Manor. According to Edwin Beitzell's writings the chapel was erected "at the head of a branch of St Patrick's Creek". It was the third Protestant church to be erected in Maryland. Susannah died in 1666 St Clement's Manor. Thomas moved to "Gerard's Preserve" in Westmoreland County Virginia. It was there that he married Mrs. Rose Tucker.

Thomas died in Virginia in 1673 and he was taken to Maryland and buried beside his first wife, Susannah Snowe. In his will he stated - "Testator desires to be buried by deceased wife Susanna". His will was dated 5 Feb 1672 and it was probated in St Mary's County 15 Dec 1673 (Md Cal of Wills L 1 f 567).

The Gerard family was an ancient and prominent Roman Catholic family whose history has been traced back to the time of the General Survey of the Kingdom 1078. Dr. Thomas Gerard, Gentleman, was baptized in Winwick Prish, New Hall, Lancashire, England 10 Dec 1608. He was the son of John Gerard and Isabel ? of New Hall and the grandson of Thomas Gerard and Jane of Garswood. (Md Archives Liber XL11 folio 543).

Thomas Gerard, surgeon, came into the Province of MD by April 1638 with five men servants (Md Land Office Patents Liber 1, folio 19). After several trips between Maryland and England, Thomas Gerard sold his holdings in England. On 19 Sep 1650 he demanded 2,000 acres of land for transporting himself, his wife and 5 chidren, a Mr Austin Hill, 8 men servants and 4 women servants in to the Province (Md Land office Patents L AB&H, f 47).